You are doing an amazing job Momma!

No matter how you feel, through the crying and sleeplessness. You are doing an AMAZING job for this little human.

Remember your baby has only been in this world a few days/weeks or months now so baby is still learning about you and the world just the way you’re still learning about baby and parenthood.

Even when it feels like nothing is going right and you just want to cry, cry coz it feels good to just get it out, if you need a break, take 5 minutes and go outside for some fresh air.

Your baby loves you despite everything you think you are doing “wrong”, despite you forgetting to change their nappy that one time, despite you taking 3 extra minutes in the bathroom just to have a break, despite you complaining that they’re “just not going to sleep” and all you want is a cuppa coffee and some alone tv time, your baby loves you.

Just know this…no matter what, especially when we feel like we’re failing or we’re not doing justice to our kids. They love us. We’re their mums and pops. And as long as we’re doing our best and they’re still alive and growing, we’re doing a good job 😜 your baby never remembers when you had a bad day. So don’t beat yourself up about it. Pick yourself up and carry on being awesome! 

Your child has no point of reference to compare you to…you’re amazing!

I often feel guilty for not knowing or understanding Umaymah’s needs. For being too old. For having no energy. For just being tired and frustrated and even sometimes being over it. Then she wakes up after a particularly bad day and smiles and coo’s and gives me Googly eyes like nothing wrong happened, bursting with love for her mama.

And that right there, that right there is all the glue you need to put yourself back together 💖

Parenting is the hardest job in the world. The hardest job that you cannot quit from. So though we lose our sh*t sometimes and want to give the pet back to the pet store, we gotta suck it up and keep going. This stage too shall pass. On to the next stage 😂😂 And being paid in love, smiles, hugs and giggles is all the motivation we need to keep going.


And if you have a day when you need that goddamn Red Bull then take it! Don’t feel bad. Guzzle that thing down and savour the sugar rush. 😂 just don’t make it a habit (and that doesn’t apply to you breastfeeding mammas, no Red Bull for you 😂)

And trust me, everyone was right. The 5 to 6-month old stage is incredible!! You are going to love every single minute. And the burping does get easier. I promise! 

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