“Make your own wrap” lunch

My friend Tasneem is an enigma. She’s a mum, a wife, an innovator, an inspirer (is that a word?) and above all an amazing friend. She’s an incredibly creative thinker! no, not the decorating kind, the business kind! She sees things and people from an angle you never thought ┬ápossible and comes up with insanely creative injections of motivation and insight.

So last week, we had lunch, not just because I wanted to bask in her creative aura, that’s just a great perk, but just to catch up, as friends do, talking about crap especially how far we’ve come. Tasneem and I have known each other since we were both in campus, totally different campuses but we knew of each other and a friendship slowly grew and cemented when we’d all qualified and started working. I think that’s about 9 or 10 years now! How time has flown!

Anyway, for lunch I wanted to keep it super casual so I reckoned we could make our own wraps.

Cook 500g chicken cut into strips with olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon pepper, lime juice, chicken spice and crushed garlic. Just before it’s done, throw in 2 tablespoons of sesame seeds.

Keep warm

Buy one of these packs from Woolies…..Stir fry Ready to Wok!

photo 1

Heat about 2 tblsp oil in your pan/wok and toss your vegetables in. Add some soy sauce, lime juice and seasoning as desired (I leave out the seasoning)

Heat until ready, do not overheat as the vegetables will soften too much. You want them to still be crunchy.

photo 3

Buy a pack of hummus (or make your own, as easy as it is, sometimes I’m just lazy)

And you’re almost ready, get out some chilli, mayonnaise, lime wedges, grated cheese.

If you don’t have a sandwich/panini press then heat the filled wraps on a dry pan on the stove.

photo 5

I love the ANAT wraps, but I couldn’t find any so had to settle for the Weigh Less ones, very underwhelming. I most definitely prefer the ANAT ones.

Set everything up and plug in the panini press.

photo 1

Call everyone over and have them fill the wraps as they see fit. Roll and press in the machine. Enjoy!

I served my wedges with a side of garlic butter baby Mediterranean potatoes and boiled sweetcorn.

There are so many variations you can do, smoked beef instead of chicken, strips of steak, add some corn spears, add basil pesto to the condiments, have FUN with it!!

~ Fehmz ~

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