Tri-colour Jelly – Psychedelic!

I saw a post online once of a two colour jelly where the one part was tipped to the side. Loved it! and so the wheels started turned….surely I could do this with three colours or more?


So this is what I came up with:



and how did i do it?


well it was fairly simple actually….


I just made three kinds of jelly using gelatine or agar agar powder (if using agar, agar you will need to boil the jelly with the powder), light green jelly with a kiwi mango cordial, blue jelly with blueberry energade, and normal red jelly with rose syrup and then just poured one at a time into the glass, made sure it set before adding the next colour.
To set it at an angle, sit it in a muffin pan….
Make sure each layer is set before pouring next layer
The next time I make it however, I think I’d rather use boxed jelly but add a little more gelatine¬†Can also use three kinds/colours of box jelly. Perhaps a bubblegum, raspberry and creme soda.
See here…



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