Tomato Eggs | having breakfast for supper….haha

It was way too hot yesterday to make a big meal and when MK came home, he asked for something quick and light.


So our favourite quick bite was made….tomato and eggs all cooked in one pot. This is a recipe that was taught to me by my best friend Nurina Halim-Patel. If there was anything I ever asked for at breakfast when I was at her place, it would ALWAYS be….tomato eggs.


Add olive oil to your saucepan and 2-3 sliced tomatoes. Season with salt and freshly cracked black pepper as well as some freshly ground green chilli…fry on one side



When sizzling and smelling delicious….turn it over and season yet again with salt, black pepper and some ground green chilli.

Break 4 eggs over the tomatoes, add a bit more salt and pepper and close the lid of the saucepan



Cook until done, but the yolk must still be runny. Immediately remove from the heat.



Serve with one-sided toast (bread toasted under the grill on one-side only) and top with chopped basil or rocket.




~ Fehmz ~

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