Supper | Simple Fillet Steak Medallions with Spicy Rice

A few nights ago I was in the mood to make a full meal for supper…..sometimes a rare treat.


So we had steak medallions…when I buy fillet steak from my butcher I ask them to give me a whole beef fillet and trim it well. Then I cut off a third and have it wrapped for when I want to make it whole. And I have the rest of the fillet sliced at least one-inch thick, packaged in two packages ( there’s only two of us after all so I only need four medallions for one meal)



Sliced butternut medallions and any other veg that you would like to add.

Toss with dhana jeero (crushed cumin and coriander seeds), salt, pepper, aromat, lemon pepper, freshly ground green chilli and some red chilli powder (I would leave this out next time because it was WAY too hot for my palate)

Drizzle with olive oil and honey, cover with foil and put into a preheated oven of 220 degrees C for 40 minutes.

Check and toss halfway through. Remove foil and let it cook til done and well roasted.



In a small bowl add:

1/4 cup vinegar

1/2tsp meat tenderiser

salt & pepper

1/2 tsp ground green chilli

1 tsp barbeque spice

1 tsp cayenne pepper

Combine well and baste steak in this. Drizzle pan with olive oil and fry til done. I like my steak medium/medium rare.

Once done, I just plated these on top of a bed of spicy rice (cooked with peas, whole jeera & turmeric. Once done, tossed with a knob of butter, Robertsons Spice for Rice , Aromat, Lemon Pepper, Portuguese spice, and fresh chopped coriander)

Et voila…

~ Fehmz ~


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