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On Monday night we joined our neighbours for a supper share….we each cooked and shared supper.

When I got home, MK (aka the hubby)¬†asked for Khowse….him asking for a chicken dish is rare but I know he loves khowse. So I happily started prepping.

And all ready to go we set off for our neighbours…the only things missing from the picture are the lemons and the fried pastry. I had those in my hand…lol

So here’s the recipe…it’s from a very talented foodie, NaQiyah Mayat who posted it on her blog a long time ago, you can find NaQiyah at niQi | LivingLuxe




Inspired and original recipe by NaQiyah Mayat with a couple adaptations of laziness by Fehmz

Chop one cup coriander – set some aside for garnish (I didn’t have much so I skipped this)

Chop one onion and set aside ( Fehmz adaptation – I sliced the onion in half and then thinly sliced it, added thinly sliced carrots and chopped rocket – tossed with salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar and some lemon juice)

Quarter some lemons and keep aside (I quartered some limes too)

Thinly slice samoosa pur and fry in hot oil. Drain and set aside

Fehmz addition – Some fresh chopped green chilli in vinegar

All the above can be placed in individual sambal bowls.

Boil one tin coconut cream, 1 tin coconut milk and 1 handful coconut (Fehmz lazy adaptation I ran out of coconut milk so I added fresh cream instead and an extra handful coconut), keep on low stirring occasionally.


Saute one small sliced onion in approx. 2 tblsp oil and 1 tblsp ghee.

Add in chicken, 1 tblsp ginger garlic masala, 1 tsp dhana jeeru powder.

Salt to taste, 1/4 cup water and 1 tsp garlic. Add a spritz of lemon juice.

When chicken is done add coconut milk mixture and reduce heat.

Taste for salt, add a pinch of turmeric and 2 tblsp tomato paste for colour. Allow to thicken.

Add 1/2 cup coriander and switch off stove.

*Fehmz lazy adaptation, saute onion in olive oil and a dash of peri peri oil, chop chicken into cubes and add to sauteed onions, add salt, chilli, dhana jeeru pwd, red ginger garlic masala, 1 chopped green chilli, 1/4tsp turmeric, 2-4tblsp tomato puree (because I keep a bottle of Italian tomato puree in my fridge, and was too lazy to open a packet of tomato paste) , pinch of sugar, lemon juice – cook til done then add coconut milk mixture and let thicken.
I did not have coriander so I chopped about 10-15 leaves of mint into the mixture, it added a beautiful different flavour to the dish. Divine!!

Boil pasta, fetuccine works best. Add in a pinch of turmeric and a tblsp salt (Fehmz adaptation, I just add a squirt of oil and salt, no turmeric)

To plate:
Pasta at the bottom, chicken and soup(gravy) mixture on top, followed by samoosa pur, some more gravy, then some salad, a good squeeze of lemon and chilli if you want more. Enjoy!

Fehmz extra variations, aamli chutney, lime juice, and as tempted by Naazima – fried sliced garlic and dhunia green chutney.

Jazakallah niQi for the original recipe!

Truly yummilicious!!

We love it!

~ Fehmz ~

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