Supper | Peppers stuffed with creamy, peppery Steak strips served with Turmeric Potatoes

Stuffed Peppers with Turmeric Potatoes

This recipe serves 2. I’m not a big measurement kinda gal but I will try.

Half an onion

2 slices of rump steak – cut into strips

S & P

1/2 tsp ginger-garlic masala

1 sliced chilli

1/2 tsp barbeque spice

2-3 tblsp brown vinegar

2 tblsp garlic sauce

3 tblsp pepper sauce

1/4 cup fresh cream


Saute your onions in olive oil. Add ginger garlic masala, steak and all your spices (can add any other spices too if you like), then add your sauces and cook on low until tender.

In the meantime, clean two pimento peppers, slice along the top and remove all seeds, can also slice off the top if you likee. Lay the peppers onto a silicone baking sheet on a tray, rub with olive oil and dot with some garlic butter. Then place it in the oven, turn oven up to 180degrees C so that it can warm.

While the steak is cooking – Peel 2 potatoes and cut into rough pieces, add to boiling water. Add rough salt, turmeric and chilli to boiling water. When done, drain and they are ready to serve.

When steak is cooked, remove peppers from oven, stuff with strips, top with a medley of cheeses (gouda, mozarella and feta) and place back into the oven for a further 10 minutes.

Serve with Turmeric potatoes and the sauce from the Steak Strips 🙂




~ Fehmz ~

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