Spicy Mebos Carrots – the perfect Sambal

I love this as a spicy accompaniment to many of my dishes and this one is quick and easy and can handle many variations

Spicy Mebos Carrots


Mebos Carrot Atchaar

I soaked 2 slices of mebos in 1/3-1/2 cup of vinegar. Pulsed it in my hand blender’s little cup with the blades.

Then add one clove of crushed garlic, salt and lots of chilli powder and a generous dash of peri-peri oil. (if you are using atchaar masala, then don’t use the salt)

Tossed in two packets of Carrot Batons or Julienne from Woolies aka Woolworths, my favourite happy little helper.

Mixed well. Tasted and piled it into a container for later. Delicious immediately.

If i have, I add green beans to it as well as some whole slit green chilli. And of course, if there are green mangoes in season, this goes perfectly!!

You can add a vagaar (oil heated with curry leaves, crushed garlic and mustard/sesame seeds) if you like but I love it as is.


My favourite way to eat this?

Between two slices of buttered bread….yummm!!


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