Saucy creamy chicken and peas

Chicken with mushy peas swimming in its delicious spicy creamy base. It was one of those “gooi random things in the pot”  moments and boy did this not disappoint!
I had it with rice but it can be served with pasta, pita, roti, bread…even as chicken pot pie filling, the possibilities are endless, the easiness is ridiculous.

So here goes:

1/2 kg chicken fillet sliced into strips or cubes

2 tblsp garlic butter

1 glug of cooking oil

1/2 tsp salt

1 tblsp lemon pepper

1 tsp ground ginger powder

2 sliced fresh green chillies

Handful of chopped spring onion

Handful of frozen peas

1.5tblsp flour

350-450ml fresh cream


Add oil and garlic butter to saucepan on medium heat. Add chicken. Sauté and add spices.

Cook for 5 minutes. Now add spring onions and peas.

When almost done, add the flour and mix well. Then slowly add fresh cream in batches and keep stirring to avoid lumps. Sauce will thicken as it goes. You can add more or less fresh cream depending on the consistency you desire.

Serve hot. Add chopped coriander before serving (or not…hehehe)

Enjoy with any of the options first mentioned. Omnomnom!

I enjoyed it so much I’m lissing for it again just typing this recipe up.




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