Rocky Road {easy peasy}

Remember that Rocky road recipe that I promised? Here you go, my second video (first ever that’s longer than 15seconds!! Aaahhhh!!)

So big apologies in advance for the poor quality and huge request for patience while I get used to video-ing while doing things…ish!

And yes, you are allowed to giggle, I could barely contain myself when I heard the video, do I really sound like that?? And geez, talk about nervous! Hahahaha

Rocky road:
Melted Chocolate (milk & dark -your preference)
Lunch Bar
Milky Bar
Kit Kat
Peppermint Crisp – optional
Biscuits ( Tennis, Marie, anything you prefer)
Rice Krispies – optional
Non-pareils – to throw over after

Cut up all the chocolates into pieces and add to melted choc with the mallows, nuts and biscuits! Reserve just a tad to throw over afterwards as decoration and end with non-pareils or drizzle white and caramel chocolate.

Let it set. Cut into misshapen pieces and serve!



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