Pur Chevro | A light crispy snack made with fried Samosa/Samoosa pastry

This year I tried to make my own indian snack commonly known as Pur (pronounced “perrrrrr”) Chevro. I usually buy it from a lady but because of little time and scarce finances I decided it was time to make my own.


So I saved my scraps of pastry and got down to it. Just winging it hoping for the best. My family enjoyed it so much that my sister asked me to make her a batch that she could take with her on her 7-week visit to Saudi Arabia.


So this time, I took pics (well a couple, I’m getting used to taking more pics of my process):


I started off with some strips of the pastry (my leftovers were used up so I bought a small batch from Pick and Pay viz, Fatima’s brand.

The important thing is to make sure that no matter what brand you use you must seperate each sheet before cutting. This avoids them sticking together when you fry them.


Cut and ready to be frrrried

Doesn’t it look like piles and piles of scrap paper?


So on to the frying, fry these in medium hot oil until golden brown, about 170 degrees celcius


Drain in a tray on carlton paper or in a colander.


Golden…..delicious. Time for some spice


Now here comes the self-control…..resist the urge to taste them. Because once you start, you won’t stop! hahaha


Right now:


In a saucepan over a medium heat add:

1/2 cm of Oil – enough to cover the bottom of the pan

125-150ml White poppy seeds

5-10 curry leaves

garlic flakes

2 handfuls of pecan-nuts (chopped in half or left whole)

Toss until pecan are slightly roasted.


Add the above to the fried pastry, toss well, add a smidgen of salt (usually unnecessary) and a generous helping of red chilli powder. Toss well so that it’s well incorporated.


Et Voila!



You can package them if you like, that’s if it doesn’t get eaten before you get a chance to package.


Store in an airtight container or gift them to people in airtight mini jars.


Enjoy! ~Fehmz~

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