Precious Cargo…My Baby Shower

This post is long long overdue. See…I’m having a baby. I shared my story on facebook when I was 30 weeks pregnant (you can read it on facebook or I have uploaded it here)

The months seem to have flown by before I could catch my breath. I thought I had everything under control. Except my blog which proved to be challenging due to some glitch that really messed with my skills to upload image and edit my writing. But I should have tried hard to make sure I’m in touch with you. Anyway here we are….months and months later. I’ve had an amazing pregnancy alhamdulillah. No it hasn’t been all sweet smells and binge eating (ok I lie it HAS been all about binge eating….yayyyyy!) but it’s been an amazing time through the good and the bad. I was really lucky to not have experienced any of the really terrible morning sickness symptoms, uncomfortable sleepless nights and a few other things. I have had a hard time turning at night but none of those pillows people tell you about worked for me, sleeping on my side and trying to stay in that position was the best or else I used the hubster as support to help me turn at night. I had no serious cravings of mixing peanut butter with gherkins on a roti roll with masala steak and jam, but I did eat well and ALOT. I could not stand the smell of Chicken Licken (I used to love Chicken Licken wings!!) All the BAD foods are my best friend, mainly because I can have them without guilt although if my baby has colic I might blame the copious amounts of cola that I drank (we all really live on the need to blame something when things go wrong, right?)

And here I sit at 41 weeks, feeling and looking like a whale, awaiting the arrival of the munchkin, with a blog that is finally working. So…first order of business? Let me share with you my beautiful baby shower.

My sister, Taahira and sister-in-law, Tasneem threw me the most amazing baby shower (with help from their fantastic minions). I was absolutely blown away and beyond touched by the care that was taken in planning every little thing; the details, the decor, the food, the setup, the games, the photobooth….I can go on.

 Most of all my heart was bursting from the love I felt by dear friends taking the time to come and attend the soirée. Seeing everyone and getting to spend time with them (albeit never enough time at all, I needed an entire day to really catch up ?) was a true highlight of the day ?



The theme was beyond cool!! The gypsy adventurer in me is now definitely longing for new travels and many adventures…a pretty big adventure seems to be on its way soon. Can’t wait for her to arrive. ?

Here’s the invite and some of the other cute details:

IMG_9312-0.jpg IMG_9313.JPG IMG_9314.JPG IMG_9193.JPG IMG_9173.JPG

There’s just so many things to say and show and sooooooo many details…… I reckon you can feast in the pictures instead of being assaulted by my ramblings.

One of my absolute favourites was this onesie station! Loved it to bits! Basically lots of plain onesies, lots of cute iron on prints and a hot hot HOT iron, everyone got the opportunity to make a onesie for the baby. LOVE!



3EntGoEd2iR8DCHoc5TqnmGmEQh5Jl0cwyRcFRxCwW4 IMG_9287.JPG

And another favourite that really touched my heart, this message board, a personal message from all who shared the day with me etched in memory for many moons to come. Baby, hubster and I are truly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing souls who we can call friends and family.


Ok I promise to stop rambling. Here’s lots more pictures! Enjoy and thank you to everyone who made this day so incredibly memorable.

Love you muchness.

Click on an image below to scroll through the gallery.

Love, Fehmz

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