Portuguese rice & chicken

I have owed you this recipe for a while….so here goes.
A really lovely variation to this, is to fill a little rice and chicken, veggies & sauce into whole peppers and tomatoes, stick them into the rice and steam in the oven.

Sauté one diced onion and 1 tsp jeera in some olive oil and a dollop of ghee.
Chuck in 1/2 kg chicken cut into fair size cubes (not too tiny)
Add some coarse salt and black pepper as well as 1/4 tsp turmeric and 1-2 finely sliced cloves of garlic
Cook for a bit.
Now the fun begins…
Add 3 tsp Robertsons Portuguese spice
1 tin crushed tomatoes or tomato purée
1/3 cup Portuguese chicken sauce
1/4 cup Nandos (your flavour preference)
2 tsp fine red chillie
1/4 cup honey (or more if you like)
1 tsp lemon pepper
3 roughly cut robot peppers
Corn spears
Green beans (or other veggies of your choice)

Increase spices to taste

While the chicken and veggies are simmering, bring your rice pot to the boil with some salt, cardomom and cinnamon stick and cook 2 cups of brown rice (or white if you prefer, but brown is gluten free….win!) Divide into three.
Now get out an oven proof Pyrex dish. Add a layer of rice on the bottom. Top with half of the chicken & sauce mixture. Add another layer of rice and top with the rest of the chicken.
Add the last layer of rice.
Drizzle some ghee over and push in two slit green chillies (alternatively you can sauté some sesame seeds and the green chillie with the ghee and pour over the top)
Cover with a layer of ‘wet’ wax wrap, then with foil.

Pop into a hot oven for 30-45minutes before serving.



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