Peri Peri Prawns

This recipe always swings around when there’s a special occasion. It’s addictive, try it now!

I got it from my friend’s mum at Koogan’s Farm so I always call it the Koogans Farm Prawns recipe. I’ve made a few adjustments and I even make a few variations. So I hope you enjoy the Fehmz version of the Koogans Farm recipe as much as my family does.

My husband refuses to let me even test a new recipe at any time, he loves the flavour of THIS one. He only EVER wants this one. And I must admit, it’s so easy, I can’t imagine even wanting to try any other recipe. This is literally a one-pot wonder. I love it.

Here’s the recipe for the easiest, tastiest prawns ever…..

2kg prawns, deveined

In the pot add:

2 tblsp peri-peri oil

2tblsp mustard sauce

2tblsp garlic sauce

2tblsp peri-peri sauce

1tblsp red masala (only garlic & chilli) or red chilli powder/rough red chillies

2tsp dhana jeeru

1tsp chillie powder

1tblsp crushed garlic

1-2tblsp lemon juice

4-5 slit green chillies

Approx 1 tblsp salt – to taste.

1 sachet tomato paste (approx 2 tblsp)

Combine all the above in your pot and add half the garlic butter (below). Swithc your stove on to medium heat. Keep a glass of water ready in case your marinade becomes too thick before your are done with the prawns.

So what you want to do now, is in little batched, you want to gently fry your prawns, butterflied, just a few at a time. the reason I do this is because if I do a quick flash fry of these, they retain most of their shape when I cook them altogehter. This really helps because if you don’t, the prawns just curl up when cooked together alklat once. So you flash fry a few at a time and remove from your pan, repeat until you have done this to all the prawns.

If your marinade starts to get too thick, add about 1/2 cup of water. Now you can just throw all the half-cooked prawns back into your pot and cook on medium heat til almost done.

When almost done add:

1/2 bunch chopped dhania

1/3 lb garlic butter or more (I always add more…eeekkk)

250ml fresh cream ( I always add about 125ml more too)

Variation: For a delicious creamy curry, add 1 340ml (or more) tin of Coconut cream and simmer.

Serve with veggies, potato chips, spicy rice, whatever you desire (we sometimes just indulge in prawns and prawns alone)

Watch the recipe on my channel

Enjoy 🙂


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