Patterned Vanilla Swissroll filled with Strawberries & Cream

My sister and her husband returned home this weekend and in the excitement leading to their arrival, I decided to try my hand at an idea that I saw online of a patterned swissroll.

Trust me to decide to try something new at the most inappropriate times but I did it anyway. I saw a picture of this…and eventually found the link to this blog today. Click the picture to see the blog.

I wasn’t going to go searching for a tutorial on google…I wanted to figure something out on my own.


What I realised is that if you use coloured batter the colour is not as intense but I love doing it that way in any case.


So here’s the result of what I tried out.


Mind you this is the first time I’ve done a big swissroll, mini swissrolls are my forte. But it was fun and I would definitely do it again and take pictures of my step-by-step too. *edited – click here to go to the tutorial on how to make them


All I did was fill the batter into the pan, reserving some to colour. I reserved about 1/4-1/2 cup of batter, added lots of red colouring, filled it into a piping bag and and piped the patterns on to the batter before baking.


Baked it, rolled and suffered with the cooled cake sticking to the cloth when i tried unrolling but it was salvageable. This is the final result:



As a result, I have had numerous requests to order these beauties….so even though I will be doing them as mini swissrolls, I will also take orders occasionally for the large ones.


~ Fehmz ~

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