Ombre swissroll

Today I played….I always wanted to try an ombre swissroll and in my head the idea seemed quite doable.


In execution however…..that was an entirely different story.

I had some cracking (okay one BIG crack) and a cake stack that was a little thick and not wide enough to roll. But I had fun.

Will I do it again?
Hmmmmmm I’m not sure……maybe

How did I do it?
I baked four very thin (although not equal enough….mistake!) cakes……the first had two drops of pink colouring, then I added two more drops of colouring and made the next thin cake.

Once baked, I turned out the first cake onto a sugared dishcloth, and then laid the next thin cake over the first.

I added three drops of colouring to the batter and poured the third layer, baked it and laid it over the other two.

The last batch of batter received another three drops of colouring…then it was poured and baked.

Finally the last layer was added to the top of the stack, I popped the entire stack back into the oven for just two minutes before rolling up in the sugared dishcloth.

Let it cool slightly and then unrolled, let cool entirely and then filled it and rolled up again…..this is where is all went awry…..it was too thick to roll so when I unrolled the first time…it cracked and then I added the filling too quickly and….tried to roll up despite the big crack.

I tried my best and stuck to it…..and voila


Filled with a delicious cheesecake-cream filling and sliced strawberries, I enjoyed it thoroughly.


Enjoy and GOOD LUCK should you wish to try this out!!


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