My attempt at the Chocolate bowl

I found this tutorial on the internet once, and saved it. I hope to find the source again so that I can credit it.

So in love with it and on my mission to make what I can…..I attempted to make this today.

It was definitely not as easy as it looks. The biggest lesson I learnt was to use a bigger bowl and to ensure that I pour the chocolate so that its balanced all around otherwise it slowly starts tilting….scary when you see your efforts falling to the side.


But I tried it anyway and I was happy with my result…well mostly!


Here’s my tips for ensuring chocolate bowl success:


It’s fun to make yet tricky too so don’t be discouraged!


  1. Make sure you don’t blow the balloon up too full
  2. Coat the balloon with some Spray ‘n Cook
  3. Use cooking choc – I used Lindt but Callebaut is also good
  4. Ensure that you let it harden in fridge completely before pouring on the next layer.
  5. Use a squeezy bottle to pour the choc on
  6. Ensure that the choc is poured in a balanced way all the way around else the balloon will start tilting


And here is my attempt:

What do you think?

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