Mac ‘n Cheese

Mac n Cheese:
Boil that sakkie pasta, the one that says macaroni else you not making Mac n cheese.
Now drain and keep aside

Make your white sauce with:
2 tblsp butter melted pot. Add 1 tblsp flour and make a roux (somma cook it a bit, like stir it as if you know how to cook, do it fancy and say roux)
Now slowly (regte slowly else you gonna get klomp lumps!!) whisk in 1 cup milk, whisk it, whisk it real good, so no lumpolas come there else your white sauce got problems. Then add 1 cup fresh cream too. Let it cook lekker now. It will thicken. Don’t assume it’s gonna come together magically, you gotta whisk occasionally (ok I actually mean often) else you’ll have burnt white sauce. Not lekker.

Add a pinch of garlic powder and a half tsp of crush green chilli. Mix. Then add salt and pepper to taste (but not if you fasting!! Duh)

Now listen, take your hand, look at how big it is, just look at it, look real good, if it’s not big enough then go get your husband’s hand and repeat above. Place it into a bowl of grated cheese and close your hand around it like those claw teddy bear machines, hold on tight so you keep your prize, open claw above white sauce, let that cheesy goodness melt inside the sauce with the stove switched off. What a prize!!!

High five the dude with the giant hands. He might take credit for making the entire dish now (you have been warned)

Now mix that sauce into your pasta.

Add half the pasta into a casserole. Sprinkle very generously with teeny tiny ghee-toasted sooooo crispy, bits of salt meat that you should have done earlier but I forgot to tell you (the muslim “Macon”) now sprinkle with grated cheese, add whatever else you like or just stop it now and stop over fancying your Mac n cheese! Now add the rest of the pasta and top AGAIN with cheese (sorry neh, cheese is kaas pricey but hey, you gotta do this right)

Now sprinkle it like you got them skillz with some dried parsley or oregano, heck even do your initials or Louis Vuitton’s if you like his more. You can even dot with feta since you probably wanna Instagram it. Buy some fresh basil leaves to place over before serving so it’s ‘gram worthy okaaaay?

Now hear this, pop it into a preheated oven at 180 to melt that cheese like how it oozes out the Samoosa when you frying them and then all your dayummmm oil is messed.

Serve it to the hungry hordes but first, take a pic!

Then add one dua for me if it comes out right.

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