Kitchen Conversion Chart – google translate for recipes

Depending on where you get your recipes, sometimes online, in a recipe book or from your granny’s super old and tainted handwritten hardcover book, sometimes there’s a recipe that you are dying to try but you look at the quantities and wonder ‘what the gibberish??” quarts and litres, cups and gallons….say what?

So here…this might help! I know I know, I’m being lazy and I could design my own cool looking one (I might put one together one day, who knows…) but hey, why do something when someone has put together an awesome one already? I’m all for not re-inventing the wheel. So, thank you S.B Lattin Design¬†for this great kitchen conversion infographic chart!

Now don’t tell you can’t bake me a cake because the measurements don’t make sense.

I shall await the delivery (chocolate with chocolate frosting please),

I also accept cookies, savouries, homemade ice-cream, 5-course meals etc.


~ Fehmz ~

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