I’m a bad mom (edition 1)

I’ve been meaning to write for a while. It’s been a long time.

I also renamed this section Bad Momma for a reason. A friend and I kid around about how we are bad mothers when we think selfishly to do something for ourselves or lazily do (or plan to do) something for our kids that throw us in to the bad mom category. It’s not meant seriously. It’s a way of just being moms. It’s about being a momma my way, learning and navigating through this world of being a new mom, a new old-aged mom.

A mom who is formula feeding her baby because try as I might, my child was not getting full on my measly breastmilk. I chose for her to be full rather than bawling like mad in hunger. I’m a bad mom.

A ┬ámom who has to return back to work eventually because sadly right now I simply have to work to help in making ends meet. I’m a bad mom.

A mom who does not sterilise her baby’s dummy every single time it falls. I rinse it in water and pop it back into her mouth. I’m a bad mom.

and the list will probably grow, and I will have more editions.

But I’m a mom who loves her kid, I just LOVE her. Like every other mom out there. LOVE LOVE LOVE her.

And I would love you to join me on this journey…….My momhood chronicled. Sporadically. With short posts about the nutty things that go on every now and again. I sometimes post on snapchat and I have a couple YouTube videos in the works. But here we shall be chronicled. I hope to keep at it and I hope that you enjoy it.

Do keep in touch! #lifeofmom

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