Golden Kiwi Eton Mess

I found these beautiful Golden Kiwi’s at the grocer this weekend. It was perfect for the mini desserts I need to take to the Opening of the Fig Tree Montessori Pre-School on Saturday afternoon



You will need:

6-8 Golden Kiwis – sliced and quartered – reserve some for decoration

400ml fresh cream – sweetened with icing sugar and whipped to soft peaks

20-25 mini Ready-made meringues


How to:

Break your meringue into big chunks (reserving 10 for the topping), add to the bottom of 10 dessert containers or to the bottom of one large glass dessert bowl.

Top with half of the whipped cream.

Add some of the golden kiwi sliced and quartered.

Top with more fresh cream and decorate with some reserved kiwi.

* Take the 10 mini meringues and lightly run the blowtorch over the edges (store bought meringues catch alight very quickly so please be careful)

Top the desserts with the lightly toasted meringue.

~ Serve immediately ~ Enjoy, Fehmz

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