{ Exclusive } Eid Mini Desserts in Custom Display box

And it’s almost here….we’re at the halfway mark.

And although I thought I might not do any mini desserts this year, I’ve decided to take in a very limited 10 orders for the upcoming Eid I’ve been sooooo excited for the past two weeks, seeing the transformation of my (pretty big…yikes) A3 box lid into my own custom design.

I can’t believe that it was even able to be done but I’m glad to see that the idea came to fruition so beautifully.

With designers, it’s always the final vision that is more astounding to us because it’s the realisation of an idea that formed in our head.

And what I love the most is that the box can be used for a million and one things after this! There are soooooo many possibilities!

So here’s the final box and pic of some of the delicious desserts that will be filled inside!


The Eid Dessert box features 4 of each type of dessert totally 24 mini desserts plus a dozen chocolate truffles.

The mini desserts included are:

Mini Baklava Tarts

Salted Cashew Caramel Cheesecakes (fridge)

Rocky Road Tarts au Chocolat

Tiramisu Mousse

Nutella, Strawberry and Cream Millefeuille

Pastel Mini Baked Cheesecakes

and the truffles are: Orange, Cranberry and Pistachio chocolate truffles

Eid Dessert Box

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