Egg Fried Rice

Yummmmm Chinese Food 🙂

I tried my hand at a quick egg fried rice with leftover rice I made the day before…


2-3 cups rice
2 tsp soya sauce ( and a splash more if you like! )
Handful mixed veg *optional
Half a punnet of sliced mushrooms
Chopped Spring Onions
1 egg
1 tblsp butter
Splash of sesame oil (leave out if you don’t have)

Add the butter and spring onion to a saucepan or wok on medium heat.


Add in mixed veg and mushrooms. Toss for a bit, add some salt & pepper.


Add the rice and toss well with the soya sauce.
The rice will heat through.


Beat the egg with sesame oil in a seperate bowl.

Move the rice over a bit and pour the egg straight onto the pan. Let it cook for a while before cutting through and tossing with your rice.


And that’s it 🙂 Add some chopped chives to garnish.


*variation* if you need protein…you can cook some chicken strips with the spring onion or add some leftover cooked shredded chicken.

~ Fehmz ~

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