Easy Peasy Supper | Haddock in Cheese sauce with Scooped Mash

I love easy peasy…those who know me know I like to find easy ways to do the tasks at home.

With work, life, socialising, cleaning, cooking, teachingĀ and having time for myself, anything that helps me make life that little bit easier, is a dream fulfilled.

So in steps in the store-bought ready to cook Haddock in Cheese sauce for an easy supper.

All I had to do was boil it in the bag from frozen for a little while and it was all ready.

I served it with mash (don’t you love using an ice cream to scoop your mash?) and I quickly steamed some frozen peas and corn, spiced with chilli, salt and a good dollop of butter and voila!



~ Fehmz ~

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