Custard biscuits…the real deal.

It’s my mama’s recipe and it’s addictive! A single recipe is never enough.

I had some energy last week and decided to make a double batch. I thought I’d freeze it but it’s half finished already! Yikes!

I think I have to make ANOTHER double batch soon.

We usually use the press machine to press out different shapes but my family also loves the hand-nozzled, choc-dipped kind. It’s addictive. Omnomnom.


250g butter, at room temperature (soft)

1 cup castor sugar

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla essence

1 cup custard powder

1 cup maizena

2 tsp baking powder

2 cups flour

Let’s do this:

Turn your oven on to 180 degrees Celsius.

Cream the butter and sugar. Add vanilla essence and the eggs and beat well.

Now add the custard powder and maizena and combine.

Add half the flour and all the baking powder. Combine.

Now slowly add the rest of the flour to form a soft pliable dough (you might not need all, or you might need extra). It must not be sticky.

For nozzled biscuits you want to be sure the dough is soft else you will suffer with major thumb pain if you’re gonna try nozzling all with a harder dough. If your dough turns out too hard, rather use the biscuit press machine only and skip nozzling this time around.

Now you can nozzle or biscuit press and bake each tray for approx 15minutes until done. Depends on your oven.

With nozzled biscuits, we dip both ends in good quality chocolate (I use Callebaut) and with the biscuit press ones we usually use those bigger Silver non-pareils or the multicolored one (100s & 1000’s)

So now…go bake

Hope you enjoy my family’s recipe!

Love, Fehmz

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