Cookies and Cake….the easy way!

What a treat to receive a box of goodies from the BakeItYourself ladies!

That meant a whole lotta fun for the last week or so….perfect timing since I had a few socials to go to and no helper around. So EASY PEASY baking is just up my alley!

I love my freezer, and I love food that sits well in the freezer even more. These cake mixes and cookie doughs are freezer friendly! And don’t I love a ready mix that REALLY is a ready-mix. Nothing to add, no oil, no eggs, niks, nada, zero!
Just snip, mix and pour! *win*

I tried the Red Velvet, Chocolate and Carrot cake mixes

and baked up some of the Rainbow cookie dough…also couldn’t resist some Sunday morning choc chip cookie dough baking.

This was sooooo easy. I was lazy to pour it out into a bowl and mix (recommended) so I just gave it a good “massage” while in the bag and poured it into the cupcake tins. Next time I am going to try it as a big round cake. I managed to get about 18 medium sized cuppies but I reckon if you want bigger cupcakes then fill them more than halfway and you will still get about 14/15 cupcakes 🙂


I did the same for the chocolate cake mix. Hmmmmm now this cake mix is EXTREMELY dark….not “brown” dark…”grey” dark. Good news – it doesn’t have the flavor of very dark chocolate. It’s actually quite delicious. Bad news – I am totally biased against chocolate cake because I love my own recipe so much!

But as an alternative, this was lovely. Mind the dark colour and try it out, if you don’t like dark chocolate then don’t stress, this definitely does NOT have that dark choc flavour! The icing is even darker (these look deceivingly like Liquorice cupcakes) but it’s deliciously buttercreamy! I brightened it up a bit with some light coloured non-pareils since I was taking it to a neighbour who had lots of kiddies at their soirée.

The icing! Ooooh the icing, I got the vanilla, chocolate and cream cheese icing.

Only the vanilla is left, lonely in my fridge, waiting to be used.

The cream cheese icing went well with the red velvet, it was my sister’s kind of icing, sweeeeeet cream cheese frosting. Great for quick readymade icing but I do personally prefer the freshly made kind. This, however comes a damn close second!

Oh how I LOVED the Colour of this red velvet….bright and yum!





And my adventures didn’t end there! I couldn’t wait to try out the carrot cake. My personal recipe has a long list of ingredients and let’s be real, why grate carrots when you really don’t have to??
So I snipped, mixed and poured and it was baked in less time than it takes to gather all the ingredients for “from scratch” carrot cake. Boooya!!




I managed to get a loaf plus two cuppies. I love my carrot cake in copious amounts and stacked high like “steroid” cakes of Mugg & Bean fame so when I make this again (and I WILL be making it again) I am going to get two packs of the mixture.

My fav mixes:
Carrot Cake & Red Velvet hands down!

Cooooookies, I love cookies, I love to dip. Wait, I love anything food related! But when I hear the word cookies I just have images of Cookie Monster’s addiction and this tune seems to jump to mind.

[youtube id=”-qTIGg3I5y8″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

I tried the rainbow cookies and made them into tea dunkers….like this:

Et voila!

photo (7)

And last but not least…I simply HAD to try the choc chip cookie dough! Yummmm….I am a sucker for chocolate so all I would do to the choc chip cookie dough is definitely add more of my own choc chips. But I am totally loving the easiness of slice and bake! One tip with the biscuits, don’t over bake them, I like my biscuits slightly browned but these taste best when not browned.

Who doesn’t love cookies and milk?


Try it!

Here’s some of the finer details:

These freezer-suitable batters and cookie doughs were developed by an amazing duo, Shaakira and Miriam. They have agents in a few of the cities, I don’t have the details of all of them but if you’re in JHB or PTA contact Shireen on 0827087898 and if you’re in Durban, get in touch with Ayesha on 0827878988

Bake It Yourself has been nominated for a 702 Small Business Award and have been featured on the Business channel and the Home channel on DSTV! well done ladies!

BIY Price List

Cake Batters (freezer-suitable):

Red Velvet – R43.00

Chocolate – R37.00

Vanilla – R33.00

Carrot – R45.00

Cookie Doughs (freezer-suitable): All are R25.00

Chocolate Chip

Ginger (highly recommended by Zaheerah Bham Ismail)


Rainbow Butter

Plain Butter

Frostings (fridge-suitable)

Cream Cheese – R40.00

Vanilla – R25.00

Chocolate – R27.00


~ Fehmz ~

*Please note…This is not a paid post. Although the batters, doughs and frostings were supplied by BIY, the opinions in this post are entirely my own*

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