CocoLime Marinade for Seafood

I love the taste of coconut in seafood dishes, I think it compliments the flavour of the fish well and well…it just works!

So I had a blast coming up with this uber-easy marinade for the big hunk of Sole that I had at home….in fact I wish I had added some prawns to it too

CocoLime Marinade on Sole


CocoLime Marinade for Seafood ~ original recipe by Fehmz

This marinade was created on sole but can definitely be used on Prawns [{I can’t wait to try it on prawns!}]

1/4 cup thick bulgarian yoghurt
1/2-3/4cup coconut cream
3 tblsp mayonnaise
Lemon pepper
Chopped green chilli
Lime zest
Juice of one-two freshly squeezed limes

30-50g garlic butter

Mix the above marinade and soak into sole fish / prawns. Add chopped garlic butter to pan when cooking or into oven tray if baking.

Enjoy ~ Fehmz

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