Chicken Corn Soup

Chicken Corn Soup ala Indian-restaurant style

… Add some olive oil to your pot.

Slice 2 chicken breasts into small cubes/shreads

Add to pot with crushed garlic, rough salt, freshly cracked pepper and roughly chopped green chilli (I have this frozen and ready)

Cook til done, add half a tin of creamstyle corn, a little more salt and black pepper.

Add 3 cups hot water. In a cup add 1 heaped tblsp maizena and some warm water – mix well to a thin paste. Add more water and mix til it’s a full cup.

Add to your soup while the water is boiling and quickly mix well. Keep stirring to thicken the soup.

Now while soup is boiling, add one cracked egg (sometimes I add 2), let it sit for about 5 seconds then give your soup a light whisk so that you get the egg strands in there 🙂

*If you’re scared to do it the above way, pour the egg into the soup through a tea-strainer and it will have the same effect.

Check for salt/seasoning.

*Variation – add half a cup of fresh cream for extra richness

Serve hot and enjoy

Nice condiments with it are : Soulfire sauce from chicken licken, and sliced chilli soaked in vinegar.

Chicken Corn Soup


~ Fehmz ~

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