Caramelised Banana stuffed French Toast

Indulgent…..there are so many other words I can use for this extremely simple to make bit of heavenly deliciousness…but because of it’s utterly addictive sweetness and being the kind of food you don’t even allow someone to have a bite of “just to taste”..we will stick with Indulgent

I have no long stories, I can’t be messing this page of goodness that should be enjoyed in me-time, while watching your favourite show or chilling in the garden on a cool summers night, with my random ramblings any longer.

It goes great with a cuppa coffee….but even better with an ice-tea

DSC02286 - small

Fry it up so that the sugar caramelises and the banana softens. Resist the urge to serve it up on a plate and gobble it all with a nice hot roti (my ideal alternative to this sandwich)

DSC02287 - small

So slice up some of them bananas that are hanging over your fruit basket and toss into a pan with a squizz of olive oil (or ghee…that glorious valve-tightening golden beauty), with some  brown sugar and a piece of cinnamon bark (it looks more like the bark of a tree than a stick…why do we call it cinnamon stick then? I am perplexed over a silly thing like saying bark or stick…)


In a bowl, let’s whip together an egg, 1/4 cup fresh cream, a little more brown sugar and a splash of vanilla essence


In yet another bowl, mix together some white granulated sugar and powdered cinnamon (you can use brown sugar if you really really want to) DSC02292-small

I use gluten-free bread, you can use whatever you like, even a slice of caraway seed bread would work. Buttering of the bread is optional, for some it’s sacrilegious to have bread without butter. For me, the next time I make this I will be spreading on a damn thick layer of Nutella…..I lurrvvvvvvvv Nutella!

Then layer on some of those caramelised bananas


Dip it in the egg & cream mixture and fry in shallow oil


Until it looks like so, on both sides


Drain it lightly and pop it straight onto the sugar cinnamon mixture. Press it down well on all sides.

DSC02297 - small

Slice and enjoy your stuffed french toast! Don’t share…..don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Need variations?


  1. Strawberries and cream
  2. Nutella
  3. Sundried tomato, honey and pistachio
  4. Roasted peaches
  5. Saute’d pears

anything goes really.

And if you want a more authentic stuffed french toast, then slice your own bread really thick and make a slit to add in the filling.



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