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This is my journey to independence through learning, experimentation and having fun with all things sweet and indulgent. A home for my sugared ramblings and a marketplace for my mini “mouth”-sterpieces


A little more about what makes me tick……I see myself as a passionista who dabbles in all things creative and I’m especially drawn to experimenting kitchen, reimagining delicious recipes.

A trained interior designer, I have a passion for playing with flavours. This hobby has set me on my own culinary journey shared which I now share with you on {| Spoonful |}

Apart from doing the rounds across the country with my mocktail classes, I also facilitate mini-deserts, winter warmers, canapé and sushi courses.


So, where did my passion originate from? It started in my parents’ home…….in the kitchen is where my entire family gathers…since we were kids it was the magnet we were drawn to for anything decadent, from morning teas with the family to late night quiet snacks and chatter with my mum or dad.


Now that I am all grown up, it’s the space we all gravitate to when we visit my parents and all 14 of us hover around, eat, chat, laugh and share whilst all five girls; that is my mum, my two sisters-in-law, my sister and I, work harmoniously around each other to prepare, cook and feed a family who loves the art of dining.


Until such time as my first store opens its doors, you can find my mini desserts, exclusively available for order, on

Spoonful and you can contact me by clicking here.


So please browse, share and stay in touch.


~{ fehmz }~

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