Thank you for making me a mum #alhamdulillah

I had almost resigned myself to never being able to add that word to the names I would be called. I had almost started to accept that I may never feel what it’s like to feel a baby’s kick inside of my tummy. I had almost began to accept that this was my taqdeer.

But I wasn’t quite there, and that’s how taqdeer is, you don’t truly know your path. Allah knows. Allah knows better. Allah knows everything. Alhamdulillah

And Allah knew that a little girl was waiting, one of His creation, waiting to change our lives forever.

We’ve been blessed with Umaymah and she has shown us a journey we never knew existed, she has made me understand this role of a mum. She has shown me that the journey is never clear, it’s never known, but the way you approach it regardless of what you see, is what turns a journey into an adventure!

Allah has not crafted a path of difficulty without ease, He has never crafted a path too difficult to follow, He has never crafted a path with no lesson to learn. Allah knows best, Islam is our guide and may all our adventures strengthen our Imaan.

Each day, each week, each month is a new adventure with Umaymah, she changes so much yet so much stays the same, she throws tantrums followed by hugs and kisses, has nappy changing wars followed by hide & go seek between the pillows of my already made bed, she thinks my wooden spoons are best used the make melodies against empty metal mixing bowls, she blows kisses, claps her hands and has the naughtiest of laughs that sounds like bubbles are popping in her throat. She thinks our bed is hers and her cot is for decoration, she wakes us up by nudging us with her tiny feet or by her not so quiet morning conversations with herself. We cannot imagine life without her.

She is not mine, I am hers.



Parenthood is by far the hardest job in the world, but the salary is unconditional love, hugs, kisses and giggles and that is the best payment you will ever receive. It makes me want to do it ten times over, it makes me understand why people want big families and lots of children, it’s make me grateful for every.single.second.

This, this is what the duas were for, this is exactly what it was all about, may Allah bless us with more on this adventure, may Allah give us the strength to continue riding on this adventure through the hardships and the ease, may we continue to embrace it with gusto. Aameen.

To the one who made me a mum, I am indescribably grateful, Allah is the only One who has made it possible, I thank Him for Umaymah ❤

To the one who will one day call me mum, I love you like crazy my little Umaymah.

Never doubt in Allah’s plan for you, you may not receive what you think you want, but you WILL receive what He knows you need ❤


xoxo, Fehmz

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